Pre-Conference Briefing Live Stream: Fiction vs. Reality—Examining the Subprime Auto Market

What is really happening in the subprime auto loan market? This is a panel of experts that include representatives from all three major credit bureaus. This one-of-a-kind panel will be tackling some existing myths that have been in the marketplace using data they have on hand to "set the record straight" around the current state of subprime lending and look at what could be ahead for 2017.


  • Denise Brown | Chief Risk Officer & Chair, AFSA Vehicle Credit Risk Committee, Veritas Auto Finance
  • Amy Crew Cutts | Senior Vice President, Chief Economist, Equifax Automotive Services
  • Danielle Fagre Arlowe | Senior Vice President, American Financial Services Association
  • Jason Laky | Senior Vice President, Auto Business Lead, TransUnion
  • Melinda Zabritski | Senior Director, Experian