Pre-Conference Briefing: Fiction vs. Reality—Examining the Subprime Auto Market

What is really happening in the subprime auto loan market? This is a panel of experts that include representatives from all three major credit bureaus. This one-of-a-kind panel will be tackling some existing myths that have been in the marketplace using data they have on hand to "set the record straight" around the current state of subprime lending and look at what could be ahead for 2017.


  • Denise Brown | Chief Risk Officer & Chair, AFSA Vehicle Credit Risk Committee, Veritas Auto Finance
  • Amy Crew Cutts | Senior Vice President, Chief Economist, Equifax Automotive Services
  • Danielle Fagre Arlowe | Senior Vice President, American Financial Services Association
  • Jason Laky | Senior Vice President, Auto Business Lead, TransUnion
  • Melinda Zabritski | Senior Director, Experian

Auto Finance Market Overview—State of the Industry and Trends

This opening session will set the tone for the conference on a macro level. An economic update will concentrate on the "big picture" view of the economy and the impact on consumer spending and other factors that influence the auto finance marketplace. An overview of the auto finance market and trends in financing, including shifts in loan performance and delinquencies and Fintech will also be presented.

Presentations Available for Download:
 Doug Ekizian | Director, PwC
 David Laterza | Senior Vice President, Head of US Non-Bank FIG, Global Financial Institutions Group, DBRS
 Mark Ryan | Vice President, Emerging Markets, FICO
 Melinda Zabritski | Senior Director, Automotive Credit, Experian Automotive 

Crisis Management: Are You Prepared?

You are assessing the economic outlook and positioning your business to meet the competitive challenges in the marketplace. Suddenly, your company is thrown into a crisis. Perhaps it’s a disaster at one of your facilities or violence against your workforce. Maybe it’s a customer data breach or a tarnishing of your brand. How and when you react is critical to managing your way through the crisis. Are you prepared?

Jim Satterfield, President, COO and co-founder of Firestorm®, is a recognized expert in crisis management, threat assessment, disaster preparedness and business continuity planning with experience as President, CEO and COO of various public and private companies. He will give an informative presentation and then lead a panel of industry insiders that will explore the dos and don’ts of crisis management in this eye-opening session.

Presentations Available for Download:
 Jim Satterfield | President & Founder, Firestorm

Dealer Satisfaction: Are We at Our Best Yet?

Hear from several experts with their unique perspectives on satisfaction. The session opens with an outside expert from the spirits industry on how they engage its wholesale network, followed by the future of the dealership, to the current dealership buy-sell dynamics. What are the critical factors that dealers consider vital in satisfaction with their financing partners? This group of experts and industry players will share insights on today's retail and service environment.

Presentations Available for Download:
 Jim Houston | Senior Director, Auto Finance, JD Power
 Erin Kerrigan | Founder & Managing Director, Kerrigan Advisors 
 Glenn Mercer | Industry Consultant, GM Automotive, LLC

Technology Innovation: Are We There Yet?

Trends and innovation expert Jim Carroll will help us rethink the future of technology, how we use it, and what companies need to do to successfully leverage the opportunities that tech provides in an age of change and disruption. Carroll’s presentation will be followed by a respected panel of auto finance CIOs who will shed light on how they are meeting these challenges today.

Presentation Available for Download:
Jim Carroll, Author, Columnist, Media Commentator and Consultant

Vehicle Values Trends and Outlook

Presentation Available for Download:
 Anil Goyal | SVP, Automotive Valuation and Analytics, Black Book

Your New Customer

Pleasing financial customers is getting hard. Not long ago, people just expected competitive prices and good service. Today, they increasingly want services that are instant, simple, transparent, cheap, easy to use, social - and yes, even fun. They customer relationship is being transformed by converging shifts in technology, demographics, culture and lifestyle. This session looks through the consumer's eyes at the disruption underway in how people choose, use, and view financial services (and everything else), and at what lenders must do to win in today's marketplace.

Presentation Available for Download:
 Jo Ann Barefoot | Chief Executive Officer, Barefoot Innovation Group, LLC