• KNOW WHO WILL BE THERE: Review AFSA’s Pre-Conference List
  • IDENTIFY TARGETS AND TAILOR MESSAGES: Determine the needs of targets and how to address them with your product
  • DEVELOP EFFECTIVE MATERIALS: Target the message to your prospects
  • PLAN TO ATTEND MEETINGS AND EVENTS: Exhibitors are free to attend general sessions and educational meetings

Enhance your visibility by placing ads, and sponsoring events

  • Ask your marketing specialists to share contact lists with sales staff, so they may review company names on the pre-conference list
  • Become familiar with the finance company members on the list
    • Lists are made available at least 5 weeks in advance and updated live onsite on a mobile app
  • Some attendees can be identified by ribbons
    • “Board”, “Chair”, or “Committee” ribbon usually means finance company member
  • Identify and introduce yourself to long-standing, non-competitor vendor members
    • Premier Partner Member and Business Partner Board ribbons are worn by vendor or supplier members who are happy to introduce you to finance company members

  • Attendance lists are released well in advance
    • Emailed to the contact on the exhibitor contract
    • Lists contain e-mails as well as physical addresses
    • Lists are release 5 weeks prior, an addendum one week prior, and one week post-conference
    • Exhibitors should limit their conference outreach campaign to one e-mail and one hard mail prior to the conference and another after the conference.
  • Research the various finance companies
    • Who are their customers?
    • What services do they provide to their customers?
    • Where do they operate?
  • Consider targeting two or three prospects for in-depth discussions
    • Seek them out at meetings, events, or on the exhibit floor
    • Consider making an appointment
  • One of the few shows where exhibitors may attend meetings
    • Encouraged to attend general and educational sessions
  • Advantages of attending meetings:
    • Opportunity to learn about the industry and connect with customers
    • Expands networking opportunities beyond the exhibit hall
    • Provides opportunities to extend invitations to your booth

  • The number of prospects you can expect depends upon:
    • The amount of research you’ve done using the pre-conference attendee lists
    • The thoughtfulness of your booth design and promotional materials
    • Your participation in meetings and sessions
    • The extent to which you step outside the booth and mingle with the attendees on the show floor
    • Having seasoned, well-informed sales staffing at the booth

Biggest Factor: Supplementing the booth with ad buys and sponsoring events

  • Prompt follow-up
    • Reach out fast – research shows that up to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first (
    • Email as soon as possible following the show
  • Evaluate performance
    • Engage in ‘Lessons Learned’ exercises and incorporate findings into the next show’s strategies
  • Prepare for the next show
    • Send same sales team to all subsequent shows to enhance relationship building efforts