CEO/Founder Solutions by Text

In 1994, Danny Cantrell became the CEO and Founder of Marketing Response Solutions. It all started with a friendly $300 cash handshake to Southwestern Bell Telephone Installer, asked to install a T-1 line in an apartment. The Dell Server was so BIG it kept his bedroom closet door from closing, but it didn’t matter his 1st Technology an IVR software began to take inbound automated calls for his customers 24 x 7 365 days a year

With a successful IVR link, Danny Cantrell launched his first “Automated Lead Capture” service and quickly gained traction with clients like Citibank and Brink’s Home Security all benefiting from his automation software. His Dad, “The Legend,“ and a few college buddies became his first sales team. The early apartment years forced them to be careful about their business location, those local and national companies had no idea that their multimillion-dollar media campaigns were being captured in his closet! The good Lord had a Big Plans to prosper him and not to harm, plans to give him hope and a future.

In 2007 the apartment days were long behind him, the country was in the middle of the National Mortgage Crisis, and all business was suffering. With the promise to prosper, Danny’s brother, Mike Cantrell, was introduced to SMS/Texting technology by a London UK colleague that would change everything for the brothers. In 2008, Mike left his 18-year career at Bally Total Fitness to become the President of a newly launched company, Solutions by Text. Leveraging their existing customer base, they introduced Texting focused on compliance, with a consultative implementation strategy. Quickly the Cantrell Brothers were helping companies all over the world connect to their customers via SMS/Text.

In 2011, the brothers launched Ministry by Text with Aaron McClung and AM Digital which leverages the power of text for ministries around the world.

In 2012, at the age of 47, Danny finally joined the “daddy club” with the birth of his daughter.

In October 2019 he will celebrate his 25th work anniversary, the 1st User Conference, and host a Gala for their 501(c)(3) organization, With more than 1200 global customers and with more than 41 core partners utilizing the most compliant partner-focused API, in 2017 the United States Shortcode Association confirmed Solutions By Text as a Premium Partner and Elite Status because of their length in the association and performance history

Recently recognized in the Dallas Morning News,, as a notable tech company relocating office space because of growth, even more exciting is the expansion of their Bangalore, India offices- located in the heart of the International technology corridor of Bangalore.

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