Jonathon Levin, Turner Acceptance Corp

Jonathon joined the firm in 1992 as the General Manager then owned by his father in law.  In 2001 became a 50% owner and purchased the remaining 50%. Today as President & CEO and 100% owner of this growing consumer finance company, located in metropolitan Chicago, he is embarking on the next phase in the Company’s growth and expansion. 

Turner indirectly finances automobile, furniture, and other consumer purchases as well as, providing direct loans through a growing network of local offices. 
Over the years with Jon’s leadership and with a strong management team, Turner has established a record of excellence in how it treats its customers and its employees. “I believe that the people in my organization are its most important asset and how I treat them will be reflected in how they treat our customers, and that in turn translates into a better outcome for all involved including the long term financial results,” Jonathon explains.

In addition to managing Turner, Jon has become a leader within industry groups on a local and national level, championing best practices and responsible industry reform.

Jonathon holds a business degree from Boston University.

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