Rebecca Chernek, Chernek Consulting

Rebecca Chernek founded Chernek Consulting over eighteen years ago, and has over three decades of automotive retail experience. Rebecca has assisted hundreds of auto dealers nationally to achieve previously untapped levels of F&I success. She delivers her training courses via multiple platforms – customized in-dealership consultation, F&I Dealer Roundtable, conference-level seminars. She also conducts in-dealership extensive audits to find your profit leaks. "We eliminate the politics our goal is to shut down the profit leaks and get to the bottom line. For many dealers, she creates a bridge between antiquated sales methodologies and utilizes updated approaches that capitalize on a higher-level of engagement. Through innovative technologies and consumer shopping trends she implements proven strategies that build on client retention to significantly improve performance in sales and finance while reducing liability.

As a consultant, trainer and nationally recognized expert in F&I training and sales procedures Becky has helped hundreds of automotive car dealers throughout North America streamline their processes and implement F&I best practices to assure customer retention and higher profits but even more important reducing turnover. Management is accountable to a plan that assures success. It all begins from the time the customer touches down on the dealership website to desking to finalizing the transaction in the F&I office. Chernek has the experience, drive and determination to get in the trenches to gain a greater impact.

Rebecca launched her F&I Roundtable in Atlanta, GA and offers a day course on F&I Best practices which is open to dealer principals, general management and allied industry professionals. Her flagship workshop, Closing Tools Mastering Menu Sales is a favorite with many dealers it’s a three-day F&I and Sales Management course delivered throughout the USA and Canada. Rebecca offers a variety of training including leasing, menu selling, closing techniques, subprime financing, compliance, CIT, desking and sales training. She has delivered over 1000 presentations totaling 5000+ platform hours.

In addition to being a sought-after F&I coach, Becky is the host of F&I Today Show on a nationally recognized, CBT Automotive News channel. Chernek offers continuing education through Chernek Consulting On-Demand F&I online training platform go 24/7 because “the current auto sales environment poses challenges for sales and F&I personnel at all levels of experience. Rebecca provides fundamentals for F&I novices and cutting-edge tools to recharge even the savviest seasoned veterans. Some of the modules include – F&I Basics, Deal Structure - Subprime - Menu Selling – provide 25 chapters of targeted training, supported by courseware. An “Industry Tips and Breaking News” section rounds out the offering.